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PABX telephone system

PABX commonly known as: SPC exchange, program-controlled user switches, telephone switches, group telephone, etc.
The abbreviation of Private Automatic Branch eXchange.Automatically user branch exchange, or private automatic branch exchange.A private telephone exchange that automatically connects internal “branch” lines to the external circuits of A telephone system.A line automatically to internal users connected to the telephone system dedicated telephone switches on the perimeter.Lukey: used in large and medium-sized company’s internal telephone system, main manufacturers of alcatel lucent, nortel, CISCO, etc.
PABX is the modern office a kind of common methods for telephone communications management, make the phone manager can mass outside calls and inside out.
For some telephone exchange, not unified classification of a strict definition.Due to factors such as manufacturers, habits, region, product positioning way is different.So you don’t deliberately to pursue, in accordance with the requirements for their own use to purchase the right equipment.