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Security/Access control system

The Access Control System, hereinafter referred to as the ACS.Refers to the ban and authority of the “door”, the “door” of alert to guard against.Here the “door”, broadly, including the ability to pass a variety of channels, including people through the door, the door of the vehicle traffic, etc.Therefore, access control, including the vehicle entrance guard.In yard management applications, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, not for the purpose of parking charges, main is to manage the vehicle access permissions.

The entrance door safety management system is a new modern safety management system, it integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures, it involves the electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biological technology, and many other new technologies.It is solve important gateway to realize the effective safety management measures.Apply to all kinds of confidential departments, such as bank, hotel, yard management, machine room, between the armory, confidential room, office, intelligent community, factory, etc.