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  • JTeam Engineering Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to JTeam) was established in 2005, formerly known as the Cyber Company commercial customers of computers, from 2007 formally separated and renamed as JTeam, computer equipment retail and information systems as the main business areas of locally incorporated companies in Macao . Provide weak laying, computer technical support, installation of various types of information technology equipment and service providers to provide customers with professional IT solutions.
  • JTeam’s business focuses on the development of high-quality network infrastructure solutions and systems support services, customers are from local businesses, government departments and educational institutions. Except to providing various types of solutions, JTeam also provide customers with tailor-made services and provide computer-based system as a whole solution to facilitate the client in achieving a computer-based management process can be once and for all, do not face the involve different computer equipment suppliers that may arise from various technical and management issues. JTeam technical support department except to general computer maintenance technology and experience, and also has a variety of large-scale micro-computer network to establish the necessary technical expertise recognized. On the other hand, hardware and software maintenance service is also our main business, we have professional service personnel, IT equipment, to provide qualified technical personnel for maintenance and repair and maintenance services, including non-maintenance time for emergency response and the scene service, spare parts replacement services, preventive system of regular maintenance services, system reset services, IT equipment, removal and replacement services, system checks and borrow equipment and so on.
  • JTeam except to planning and implementation of IT projects, and also developed and as act agent in variety of Internet, information technology, multimedia products. These include communication systems, security, networking, and multimedia and consumer market products. Such as the renowned anti-virus software Kaspersky, JTeam is the sole agent in Macau; we are also is the suppliers of Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd. in Macau, responsible for the supply of all installation and maintenance of Emerson’s room equipment, including power distribution cabinets, precision air-conditioning, UPS, engine room monitoring system, etc.; Our company is also the agent of Dell in Macau.
  • We learn from the experience of past success to meet the information technology products and the ever-changing technology, the impact of the enterprise and to advanced and reliable information technology, to provide customers with stable and reliable enterprise application systems, consultancy services, retail services, project management, and customer pre-and post services. With the application of information technology market changes, we will face more results of changing customer needs derived from the system integration technology and support issues. Therefore, we are convinced that the face of this rapid advancement of commercial competitive market, future prospects will depend on our ability to respond accurately. We believe that the decisive factor must include the strengthening of professional training, research and development to provide quality products and quality service all-round development for local, China and Asian markets offer all types of comprehensive solutions.